2017.18: Mexico - Mexico City
The Crunch
Winner: Max Verstappen (Red Bull)
Mexico 2017 Files

  2016.19: Mexico - Mexico City
It ain't over till it's over
Winner: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
Mexico 2016 Files

  2015.17: Mexico - Mexico City
Rosberg's Mexican Fiesta
Winner: Nico Rosberg (Mercedes)
Mexico 2015 Files

  1992.02: Mexico - Mexico City
Masterly Mansell
Winner: Nigel Mansell (Williams)
Mexico 1992 Files

  1991.06: Mexico - Mexico City
One-two for Williams
Winner: Riccardo Patrese (Williams)
Mexico 1991 Files

  1990.06: Mexico - Mexico City
Prost & Mansell deliver a Ferrari 1-2
Winner: Alain Prost (Ferrari)
Mexico 1990 Files

  1989.04: Mexico - Mexico City
Senna equals Clarks tally of poles
Winner: Ayrton Senna (McLaren)
Mexico 1989 Files

  1988.04: Mexico - Mexico City
Prost wins at the first corner
Winner: Alain Prost (McLaren)
Mexico 1988 Files

  1987.14: Mexico - Mexico City
Mansell 'I can still be champion'
Winner: Nigel Mansell (Williams)
Mexico 1987 Files

  1986.15: Mexico - Mexico City
First win for Benetton and for Berger
Winner: Gerhard Berger (Benetton)
Mexico 1986 Files